• Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

A Probate Lawyer is the person who handles legal matters related to estates, trusts, and beneficiaries. He or she helps clients navigate the probate process, which is a complicated one that involves a number of different steps. It also requires careful consideration of tax laws, debt payments, and distribution of assets to heirs. Getting the help of an experienced Probate Attorneys in Pompano Beach Florida is essential for avoiding any complications or mistakes.

The Legacy Law Firm assists people in Pompano Beach with probate procedures, which involve transferring legal ownership of property and title to the correct beneficiaries after the death of a loved one. The firm works with accountants and appraisers to gather the estate’s assets, determine its value, and arrange debt payments. It also manages complex retirement funds, healthcare directives, and trusts. Founder Christine A. Schafer’s own experience being disinherited drove her to study and become a lawyer so that she could help others avoid similar situations.

Established in 1976, the Law Offices of Paul Blade PA handles all aspects of probate administration for deceased heirs and beneficiaries. The firm prepares all court documents, appraises property, identifies heirs and beneficiaries, and distributes the estate’s properties. It also helps people prepare their wills, living trusts, and advanced healthcare directives. The firm has been voted Best of the Best by clients, and its attorneys are admitted to practice in all Florida state courts.

Located north of Fort Lauderdale, the burgeoning city of Pompano Beach offers an array of things to do. Visit the Fisher Family Pier, which is shaped like a pompano fish, or go fishing off of the ocean shore. Other activities include paddle boarding and beach volleyball. Pompano Beach is also home to shopping, dining, and cultural arts. Among its attractions are the Kester Cottages Museum, Meridian Gallery, and Historic Ali Cultural Arts Center.

The Law Offices of George B. Ribarovski, P.A., is a full-service law firm that serves people in Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas. Its lawyers help testators draft wills and trusts to organize their assets and property for their inevitable demise, and they help set up pet trusts and durable powers of attorney. In addition, the firm handles landlord-tenant litigation, real estate purchase contract review, and forensic case evaluation.

The Law Firm of Melissa O’Connor, P.A., assists clients in probate matters and estate planning. Its attorneys help clients understand the complexity of probate administration, assist with ancillary probate for out-of-state beneficiaries, and assist in establishing living trusts and healthcare directives. The firm has been recognized by Super Lawyers, and its attorneys are licensed to practice in all Florida state courts and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. They are also members of the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and the South Palm Beach Business Journal. The firm’s clients include individuals and families from all walks of life. Its lawyers have more than 50 years of collective experience in the legal field.