• Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

A probate attorney is a legal professional that helps with the distribution of a person’s property and money after death. This process can be complex and involve a lot of paperwork, and it’s important to hire a probate lawyer that has experience dealing with these kinds of issues. A good Chicago Probate Attorney will make sure that everything is handled properly and that the estate’s heirs get what they are entitled to.

The attorneys at Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law are well-versed in all areas of probate law. They help clients through the complicated legal procedure of proving a testator’s will, settling debts, and distributing assets to inheritors. They can also handle contested probate cases. Depending on the size of the estate, it can take months or even years to complete the probate process.

Bruzgul & Associates is a family law firm that assists with estate planning and probate matters. Founded in 1989, the firm serves individuals and families in Cicero and beyond. Its attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience and specialize in complex family law issues. The firm’s attorneys also provide services for estate administration and litigation, as well as divorce and child custody cases.

Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe LLP is a trusted name in estate planning, trust and guardianship, probate and real estate law for people throughout Illinois’ North Shore. The firm’s team of experienced lawyers have decades of collective experience handling all aspects of estate law, including probate. They work with families, businesses and other professionals to prepare wills, trusts and living wills. They also handle real estate matters, including property tax disputes and landlord-tenant issues.

In addition to its estate planning and probate services, Lesser & Lutrey LLP handles divorce cases, bankruptcy, civil trials and appeals. Its attorneys have more than 20 years of experience and are dedicated to helping their clients plan for the future. The firm’s founders have a background in business and law and are fluent in Russian.

Martinez Law, LLC is a Cicero-based law firm that handles probate and estate-related matters. Its attorneys help their clients fulfill their duties as executors of a will and assist those who have died without a will. The firm has extensive experience litigating contested probate cases.

A probate attorney can help with all aspects of the estate-related processes, from determining how a deceased person’s assets will be distributed to settling the deceased’s debts. They can also help with the creation of a comprehensive estate plan that will help prevent unnecessary taxes and fees. An estate attorney can also help avoid conflicts between heirs by creating a trust that will protect the property of each heir. They can also help with other family-related matters, such as drafting trusts and establishing power of attorneys. A trusted and experienced probate attorney can make the process much easier for their clients.