• Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

When parents separate, one of the most difficult issues to resolve is child custody. This is especially true if both parents want equal time with their children. Hiring a Child Custody attorney is the best way to ensure that your parental rights are protected in court. The lawyer will help you understand state laws and legal rights, and guide you through the custody process. A good Child Custody attorney can also help you reach a fair custody arrangement that benefits your child and both parents.

The Family Law Center of Knoxville, Tennessee is a child custody attorney practice that serves families in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Its attorneys handle cases involving divorce, property division, and child custody. Its attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience, and are listed as Rule 31 Family mediators by the state of Tennessee. The firm is rated highly by clients and peers, and has been named a Super Lawyer.

There are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of a custody dispute. The most important factor is what is in the best interests of the child. This is determined by a judge after hearing testimony from both parties and taking into account the opinions of a forensic expert, if necessary.

In some states, the judge may follow the friendly parent rule, in which case he or she will award custody to the parent who has a long history of showing warmth toward the child and has been very attentive. A judge will also look at the child’s age, whether the parents have a strong relationship, any history of domestic violence or criminal charges, and the parent’s ability to take care of the child’s physical needs.

Another thing that can affect the outcome of a custody case is a Parenting Plan, which is a written agreement between the parents regarding custody and visitation. The plan is designed to avoid conflict and encourage cooperation. If the parents can come up with a plan that they both agree on, it is far better than having to go through the expense and emotional turmoil of going to court to resolve a custody issue.

If the parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, they must either hire a Child Custody attorney or ask the courts to decide for them. Courts are expensive, unpredictable, and emotionally draining, so it is always preferable to reach a custody arrangement out of court. However, if you are having difficulty resolving your child custody disputes with your spouse, it is important to get the legal assistance of a child custody attorney as soon as possible.

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